Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Board

Our Trustees

Stewart Prodger, Chair

I’ve been involved in community safety for some time, both professionally and personally.

This includes being a Watch member >30 years ago, and as a trustee within the voluntary sector since 2005, locally in my own Dunblane community and nationally elsewhere.

My day job as Principal Officer, Responders & Communities with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) involves me developing and leading relationships with emergency responder and national community organisations for our flood warning & informing services. That focus on community safety and resilience, and being part of the Scottish Government’s Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership, brought an increasing awareness of the excellent way NWS has been evolving and encouraged me to get further involved.

With many years as a charity trustee elsewhere, I hope I can bring some useful experience as the elected chair of NWS, and support the amazing work being done out there.

Kirsten Halliday, Vice Chair

Awaiting Biog





Lorraine Gillies, Secretary to the Board (Chief Officer)

Lorraine Gillies is the Chief Officer with the Scottish Community Safety Network and Chief Officer of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland.

Her role is to ensure that the organisations achieve the vision set out by the Boards of Directors and reflects the needs of the membership and stakeholders.  Lorraine has a background in the public sector, audit and scrutiny and the third and voluntary sectors.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and enjoys starting fires….

Follow Lorraine on Twitter: @GilliesLorraine


Roddy Ross, Treasurer

I have been involved in community safety for many years and direct involvement with Neighbourhood Watch goes back to 2002

Roddy Ross is the Team leader in the Safer Communities Team at Perth and Kinross Council where he is responsible for:

  • ASB Investigators
  • Unpaid Work Team
  • Community Warden
  • MAPPA Housing Liaison

and associated matters. He was very involved in the introduction of Community Watch in Perth and Kinross.

Roddy came onto the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Board as a Trustee in 2019 and in January 2021 was appointed Treasurer.

John Gray, Trustee

I have been in the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) for 29 years, working  in a number of roles both Operationally and in Community Safety.

My current position is in the Prevention and Protection Function where I work closely with our communities and partners to help keep people safe and well in their homes.

I look forward to working alongside all our members and fellow Trustees.

Alan Dron, Trustee

Alan Dron is currently the Rural Crime Coordinator for Police Scotland.

With over 28 years police service in a variety of roles including the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency, he is now based at the Scottish Crime Campus, Gartcosh and has a national remit which primarily involves the day to day facilitation, operational drive and smooth running of the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC), a partnership consisting of key and relevant organisations working together with a strategic vision of co-ordinating cohesive and sustained crime prevention advice to rural communities throughout Scotland.  In addition he chair’s the Scottish Heritage Crime Group, represents Police Scotland on the National Access Forum plus has recently been given responsibility for developing a national acquisitive crime strategy.

Easton Millar, Trustee

My working life started in grocery retail shops with the Coop and managing shops, at an early age.

I then turned that on its’ head and, for over 30 years, sold food to retail stores on behalf of major American food manufacturers, based in the UK.

My career progressed over the years and involved selling to major UK store Head offices supplying all regions of the UK operating from our UK HQ in Cheltenham. I then moved into a role of communications and trade relations on behalf of my employer and this role saw me entering a period of working on press releases and being involved in ensuring our working relationship with many UK retailers flourished through effective and meaningful communication channels including National trade press and advertising campaigns.

I have always been involved in helping others via varied channels and by being involved in charity support work again across the UK retail and wholesale food businesses.

Neighbourhood Watch came my way some 32 years ago when I became a coordinator looking after over 100 homes. That led to involvement with the local NHW association which guided a large geographical area of Watches and we met frequently with the local police to help us build our membership and understanding of how we as householders could help protect our home and nearby areas.

I want to use my experiences and learning of over 30 years of NHW work to help me as a board member of NHW Scotland.

I have a strong belief that we all have a role to play in protecting our own homes, possessions, and local areas by getting involved with organisations like NHW, so get involved!

Kathryn Shanks, Trustee

After achieving a degree in Geography from Aberdeen and a Post Graduate degree in Farm Business Organisational Management from SAC, Kathryn moved to Oxford to start her career in Public Relations with an agricultural agency.

Following this she spent two years in London working for a professional services agency. The final move was back to Scotland where she worked for a small full-service agency covering marketing, branding, media relations and event management.

Currently Kathryn heads up the Neighbourhood Watch in Inveresk. She attends Community Police meetings (CAPP) and is an active member of Inveresk Village Society. In 2021 she launched and coordinated an initiative to eradicate Giant Hogweed on the River Esk.

Kathryn is married to Alan, they live in Inveresk with their three children and far too many pets!

Derek Hart, Trustee

I moved back to Prestwick in 2000 and immediately got involved in the neighbourhood and joined neighbourhood watch.

I am married to Jean and have five children between us and soon to be eleven grandchildren from three to fifteen.  The Watch managed to purchase a garden bench for the area and managed to persuade the council to match fund for another bench, just one of the things we managed among many others. I was asked to take over as co-ordinator after about ten years in and have been in that position ever since. The roll has been a challenging one, with the social decline and problems we all face. Its a climb but if we can bring a little ease to people in their daily lives we are winning. We cannot always solve all the concerns but when we do we see the vast change that it can have. We do not please everyone but that is the nature of the beast we have our hands tied sometimes. I love the job, I endeavor to get things right, I love my community and I work also as a community councillor for the area which allows me to help even more.

I feel as part of Neighbourhood Watch I am helping people less informed than me, helping them to understand how the community system works and how to protect ourselves against whatever is upon us no matter what.

Ron McKail, Trustee

Ron McKail has been a supporter of Neighbourhood Watch schemes  for many years having set up a scheme in Birmingham in the 1980`s.

Ron is currently an Aberdeenshire councillor and in his role as Chair of the Garioch Community Safety Group he has promoted neighbourhood watch schemes in his Westhill ward. He is very pleased to be invited to be a Board Member of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland. In addition to acknowledging the benefits neighbourhood watch schemes can be in ensuring communities are safer places,   it is his intention to raise the profile of these schemes in Aberdeenshire with the target being to encourage the development of more schemes.

Jack Birrell, Trustee

I was born and brought up on the east coast yet spent my working life down south, joining my first Watch in late 80s while living in south west London.

Most work involved business consultancy and I have experience in working in a large number of organisations and diverse industries.

I retired home to Scotland in 2015, enjoying Rural Perthshire and new-found peace and quiet of not being under a major airport flight path, as I was down south.  I intend to do something useful with my life while still able to make contributions and hope joining this board will prove successful..

As the board member from a rural area, my main concerns are preservation of the peace of our countryside and witnessing reduction of crimes and calamities (such as tourists getting lost in the hills or falling into deep water).