Financial Harm – Telephone Scam (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

Financial Harm – Telephone Scam (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

The following Alert is being circulated on behalf of PC Laura Evans, Dunoon Police Station, Police Scotland

Reports were received last week regarding telephone calls being received from someone pretending to be from Virgin Media saying there was a missed payment on the account and that the services were going to be turned off.

The householder was told that they could keep their services if they provided their bank details for the missed payment to be retrieved. This was told to be £400.  The householder provided their bank details where the scammers then took thousands of pounds from their bank account leaving them with no money left in their account.

Please do not provide your bank account information to anyone over the telephone. You never know who they really are, or what they will do with this information.

Police Scotland have a number of call blocker devices available FREE of charge that can be attached to any landline telephone to block this type of call. Please email us if you would like one of these devices or if you would like to find out more