Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch OAPs lunch

Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch have been busy preparing and organising events in their area lately. They had a hugely successful OAPs lunch and have scheduled a second course of self defense classes for those in the area. In the run up to Christmas they are preparing for another OAPs dinner and Christmas hampers.

Bill Beckett, Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch (GNW) Coordinator said: “GNW are pleased that the OAPs enjoyed their meal on Wednesday, not forgetting the attendance of the Lord Provost Cllr Philip Braat and Inspector Ian Sibbald of Police Scotland.  We also want to express a huge thanks to Martin MacPhail of MacPhails Coaches Ltd, who generously provided transport free of charge for those attending on the day.

“Just prior to this we had the Provost attend our self-defence course final on bank holiday Monday, to serve the participants a well awarded certificate after completing the course.  GNW thought of doing this course for females as it gives them a little more assurance when walking home at night, or from work.  This course was a success which has made me list another course which will start soon.

“We are also at present preparing a Christmas dinner for the community OAPs in December, in addition to the supply of Christmas hampers which they will also receive a week before Santa arrives for tea.  These are fantastic measures we have taken and it shows we can do things for our community and it makes the word engagement positive.

“These events make a change from what we do or have done in Garnethill, such as dealing with drug/alcohol abuse, serious assaults, arson, fly tipping, one-way traffic offenders, faulty street lights, infestation, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

If all Neighbourhood Watch schemes got together with a plan to help others, go for it.  Once you start and it’s a success think of something else to do to help.  One step at a time and you will get there, good luck!“