Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch OAP Christmas lunch and festive hamper delivery

Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch (GNW) organised their OAPs Christmas lunch as well as a generous delivery of festive hampers. The Christmas lunch was held on Wednesday 8th December at the Novotel Hotel in Pitt Street and the festive hampers were delivered yesterday, 16th December 2021.

Those that attended the lunch were given a delicious 3 course Christmas meal with all the trimmings. In attendance was the Lord Provost, Cllr. Philip Braat, who enjoyed the food and later, the entertainment.

GNW also arranged a Bagpiper, who piped each OAP into the venue and back out. In addition to this, there was an hour of good old Scottish music by Gary the guitar man.

Lord Provost, Cllr. Philip Braat, was pleased to help the Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch team deliver festive Christmas hampers to several senior citizens in the Garnethill area on 16th December. He expressed gratitude to Bill, Ian and the rest of the team for organising.

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