Garnock Valley Carves Chainsaw Carving Event 2021

The Garnock Valley Carves Chainsaw Carving Event, organised by Beith Orr Park Neighbourhood Watch, was held on Saturday 11th September and proved to be a huge success yet again

Norrie Brown, Coordinator of Beith Orr Park Neighbourhood Watch said, “We have to say a huge thanks to everyone who made this year’s Garnock Valley Carves the fantastic success it was. Thank You All! Without all the support we receive from Sponsors, funders including our Main Sponsor J & D Pierce and the myriad of stewards and helpers, not forgetting the fantastic services and help we get from our parent organisation Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, it would not be possible to even begin to consider an event like this.

“It was with some reservation that we continued to plan for the day and, keeping a close eye on government guidelines and restrictions; we balanced the risks with the benefits and successfully achieved a great event. We had 12 international prize winning carvers from all over UK plus 54 assorted complementary stalls. Reports from carvers stall holders and the public have all been positive, with many of the carvers and stall holders already booked for the 2022 event which will take place on Saturday 10th September.

“Due to the pandemic, we had full Covid controls in place, with Covid control cards and Infra red thermometers at each gate and QR posters around the field, along with social distancing posters placed at strategic points. We had hand sanitiser and masks available and the toilets were sanitised on an hourly basis.

“Once again we have to say a huge thanks to both Donald L Reid and Marty McNaughton for providing hundreds of photos of the event.

“There were 24 carvings created on the day and some of the carvers also brought pre-carved items for sale. All of the 24 carvings were sold by auction at the end of the carving period with the top price being £1200. One bidder bought 5 of the main carvings and 2 quick carvings, these will add to his private collection. The bidding was “brisk, fast and furious” and interest extremely high, so much so that those recording the results of the auction found it difficult to record the results.

“The carry-over funding we received from the Lottery last year, allowed all visitors free entry and the Covid Recovery funding also gave free access to all children’s activities.

“Considering the main carvings were created from logs in only 4 hours carving and the quick carve in 30 minutes, the standard was extremely high. The top place was taken by James Elliott who carved a beautiful “Bear with Honeypot” followed by Daniel Cordell in second place with one of the biggest bears carved at our event and Jonny Stableford who was third with “Come and Get Yer Tea” a hare, squirrel and owl on a tree trunk with a bird feeder on top.

“In the week before carving day, there were many problems that arose, all needing immediate attention, however, on the day, everything slotted into place and a great day was had by everyone. The weather stayed dry and cool which suited the carvers and was fine for visitors.

“We had visitors from far and wide, these being from London, South and North Yorkshire, Tyneside, Cumbria, Castle Douglas, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leven, Perthshire and many from around the Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley area.

“The “Field staff” were excellent, they made the day run like a well oiled clock and the complete field was cleared by 6.30, leaving only the carvers to enjoy their apre event social evening swapping stories round their camp fire and a long awaited catch up with likeminded friends.

“Huge thanks to everyone who made the day the success it was, from Norrie and the team.”