NWS Update – Request For Information

Keeping Communities Safe

In these difficult times the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Team have continued to operate from home and await through the Scottish Government route map for news as to when we can return to Enterprise House and commence our direct community engagement. Although keeping in touch by Zoom and other virtual methods we still need that essential face to face contact with our communities.

Since lockdown we have been extremely busy working with our partners and ensuring we continue to keep our communities informed, supported and safe.

To date 199 ALERTS have been sent out across Scotland by ourselves and key partners. 101 of these ALERTS have been COVID-19 related. These ALERTS have been sent out and directly received by 1.5M individuals. These ALERTS have covered a range of relevant Community Safety issues both national and local keeping everyone informed, supported and hopefully safe. We have also noticed a significant increase in new registrations for ALERT and indeed new Watch areas being set up.

We are currently working on our NWS Summer Newsletter and are aware that many of our Watch schemes and members have been involved locally in helping and supporting their communities during the lockdown. We would like to highlight some of the good work happening across Scotland and would welcome any feedback to email   info@neighbourhoodwatchscotland.co.uk

Many thanks for your support in keeping our communities safe

NWS Team