Working with the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV)

Members from the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers braved adverse weather conditions recently while spreading the word of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland to residents throughout the Helensburgh area.

An enthusiastic group of 16 youth volunteers delivered over 500 leaflets to a large number of residential homes on Stafford St, Millig St, Queen St and West Montrose St in Helensburgh giving the young people involved an opportunity to meet members of the local community and taking time to speak with residents and explaining the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland.

PSYV group co-ordinator PC Stephen Carr commented on the positive impact that the young people involved in PSYV Helensburgh made “Despite the poor weather conditions, I was delighted to see so many of our youth volunteers coming along to help let people know about the importance of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and how it has such a positive impact on our local community. This deployment was a perfect example of how PSYV Helensburgh and Neighbourhood Watch Scotland are out there making a difference.”