Vehicle security (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

Vehicle security (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

Dear All,

Police Scotland have been made aware of  incidents of thefts of motor vehicles in your local area. Despite modern locking systems on vehicles some criminals do manage to overcome them by using devices bought legally and relatively cheaply on the internet. All of which work by affecting the radio frequency imitated by the key fob / device, enabling vehicles to be stolen despite owners having possession of the key(s).

Please see below advice on how to try to prevent these:

Consider using steering locks as a visible deterrent to thieves – someone who is so obviously conscious of security is less likely to leave valuables in a vehicle.
Keep your key device in a Faraday pouch, which has a lining that prevents the items inside from receiving or transmitting radio frequency signals.
Avoid parking in dark, secluded areas, choose locations that are well lit and over looked by houses, passers-by and covered by CCTV if possible. 
Do not store keys near windows or doors

Please report any suspicious behaviour or incidents to Police on 101 or 999.

Kind Regards
PC Kaiser-Ferris
Police Scotland
Edinburgh Division
Prevention, Interventions and Partnerships Department